Sunday, March 25, 2007


The latest marketing mantra is another P! After Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Positioning - let’s raise a toast to ‘People’.

It is all about PEOPLE POWER in the corridors of the marketing and advertising edifice. Call it fancy names like Web 2.0 or Crowdsourcing or Consumer Generated Media (CGM) or Consumer Generated Content (CGC) or Social Media but the future of marketing is essentially all about reaching out to the consumer and making her a partner in your quest to build the ‘Power Brand’.
You know everyone’s talking about it when suddenly there are a profusion of terms for the same phenomenon!

Brand building is no longer about uni-dimensional, flat, one way street communications. It’s now a conversation between the marketer and the consumer.
More and more successful campaigns today are getting the ‘people’ involved – be it a social uproar in the Jessica Lal and Mattoo cases, Times - India Poised, Pepsi – Blue Billion, Sunsilk - Gang of Girls, MakeMyTrip’s OK TATA BYE BYE, Lee Lounge, NDTV My News, My Times My Voice, Nokia – Defend Your Turf, Orkut, YouTube, Flickr, Y! Answers, iVillage etc etc etc
All these campaigns, brands and products have been rather successful because they:
- Went out of the way to nurture and facilitate networks and communities to tell their story
- Empowered the customer to make choices they wanted to
- Gave them a platform to voice their opinion

It now is all about bonding and fostering an emotional attachment with the consumer like never before.
All about augmenting one-size-fits-all content with interactivity to make it sticky, relevant and engaging and the two media that facilitate it like no other are the Mobile and Internet – A MUST for all media plans.

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  1. Hi Pritha,

    Thanks for mentioning us on your blog. We are glad that you liked our social media campaigns, and would like to tell you that you can definitely expect more of them in the future. Keep the feedback coming!

    Geeta Eral
    Manager - Customer Delight


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