Sunday, March 25, 2007


Internet is a raging force to reckon with in the business of marketing across the world today. (As if you needed me to tell you that!)

4 years ago, in 2003 – my first job was with a fledgling online travel services company. My mom was uncomfortable with the name and was unsure of what I was getting into – (you see she couldn’t name drop it to my other relatives!)
But today everyone in my family and otherwise knows!

Those were uncomfortable and wary times post the famed dotcom bubble burst (whatever that means!) and internet was not the domain of the faint-hearted and unprepared for sure. But entrepreneurs with foresight, strong business ideas and robust plans went ahead and can now boast of the first mover advantage and high brand recalls in the now dynamic online market in India.

The Internet has indeed come-of-age in India where the issue of India’s first pure play internet stock listing was oversubscribed 55 times! and we also have an India internet company listed on Nasdaq.

The dynamism and interactivity that internet as a medium offers to marketers vis-à-vis the staid and uni-dimensional traditional media is now undisputed.

At the last count - there are 28 million online Indians today and the Indian online ad market estimate for 2006-07 is 218 crores – a 34.5% increase over last year’s numbers.

So as a marketer, if you still aren’t on the medium yet – well, then pal, what have you been thinking!!

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