Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Moving ahead from my last post on WEB 2.0. It's important to understand why Web 2.0 has become as ubiquitous and popular today – you now have Indian marketers who thought twice before ‘testing-out’ the internet with a fraction of their multi million marketing budgets asking for online solutions for their brands that includes 'community building' and 'personalization'. You know it is the BIG IDEA online!:) A huge paradigm shift – for the good if I may add - in thinking!

At it’s heart, Web 2.0 - as I have written earlier - is all about people and associations.

Tagging, blogging, sharing, mashups, user generated and edited content like wikis, social networking and virtual communities (phew! did i miss something!) you’ve heard about them all and in all probability are a part of quite a few of these yourself! But it’s now important to understand:

What made Web 2.0 possible:

- Let’s face it, it’s all essentially possible because of the nature of the medium – that is Internet. It’s about being able to do things that can never be achieved in any other medium.
- Moving data and information out of proprietary, patent and copyright nets on the medium has also helped push Web 2.0 forward
- Broadband and high speed internet access is the reason why you can seamlessly surf through and download multimedia on the net including videos, podcasts, live webcasts.
- The AJAX revolution has facilitated ‘personalization’ on the net like never before. You can now create your own web-pages in the look and feel you want, play around with content badges on your page real time – all you need to do is ‘drag and drop’!

But hey, before we overdo the communities and personalization bit on the net it is also important to understand that putting people first is more than just ‘connecting’ them or allowing them to post content. It's also about understanding your TG - ‘how’ they use the Web, ‘where’ they are and ‘what’ they do on the medium.
After all how many clones of My Space can we create!

And for the next marketer who comes along to create an ‘online community’ – Let’s lay out the table for 2.0!

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  1. All the things that you mentioned are true... But the main positive thing about web 2.0 according to me is the empowerment of the visitor to actively participate and contribute online. The greatest examples being Wikipedia , Blog and community websites.

    Thus Web 2.0 doesnt refer to a technology but a concept which, with user's active participation, will take the Online Experience to a totally Different level. Now there are constantly rising talks of web 3.0(whatever that is) which talks not only of participation, but consistently active participation.


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