Saturday, May 5, 2007


Moving on from where I left my last post – the ‘new n rising in popularity’ vlog and video podcast format happens to be the ‘episodic video’. This is the new serialized sort of interlinked videos which are posted at regular intervals – more like television programming. This content format has already found its takers and loyal enthusiasts. It does work albeit on a lesser degree.

Nevertheless, it’s a good time for marketers to lap up this new format to make their brands stand out in the clutter free set-up. It’s a great opportunity to intelligently integrate content into this new format and be seen as irreverent, evolved, futuristic and young targeting the valuable TG of influencers and early adopters.
The best thing about this format is that it is not advertiser driven but driven by the passion for the content and format.

This format of video may be made available through various means like subscriptions, social video sites, iTunes, RSS feeds, and official sites supported by advertisers.

While on videos and vlogs - check out the Pepsi sponsored one-of-a-kind Yahoo site for the awesome core idea and quality programming restricted to the internet!
It has a countdown compilation of the 9 best video finds on the worldwideweb hosted by the vivacious Maria Sansone - just as engrossing and interesting like a TV show! A great example of high quality, tailor-made programming for the internet. Then of course there are the imperatives of every video program – tell a friend, vote for your favorite, submit your own videos to induce engagement. There’s also something called the Pepsi Tenth where viewers can submit any cool website or video that the makers of the 9 list may have missed and the best of the entries is called the Pepsi Tenth.

So till Pritha’s TENTH and beyond! - HAPPY ‘VIEWING’

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