Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Purple Pulse!

Lots of new and exciting developments at Y! products front.
Upcoming now is finally together with great and much needed design and flow changes.
Check out this to know it all

What really got me excited was the new Search Assist on Yahoo! Search.
Search has just got easier, snazzier and ‘out of the box’ literally! Finally Yahoo! Search is breaking the clutter and ‘me too’ approach that it has been straddled with all this while and is setting a trend in cutting edge user search experience and product innovation.

So what’s new?
A new Search Assist layer – which opens below the search box and gives typing suggestions as you are typing out your query. It really helps and simplifies the process when the queries are new and untried.

Slick inline videos and photos:
When search results yield videos – you can actually play them out right there! Ditto with Flickr pictures!
Superb rendition for immediate gratification and multimedia experience.

Check these out!

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