Monday, August 22, 2011

Brand Promo Site: Airtel Har Friend Zaroori [HFZ]

The new Airtel television commercial is all over. And what i loved about it, is that they have the campaign webiste link on their TVC! Kudos Airtel! Brands in India are coming around and pushing their web presence on commercials which is great news and long overdue.

I checked out the site and they have a 'friend type' promo running with Facebook connect where users need to login via Facebook, select friends, create types and tag their friends. There are some big gratifications like a trip to Las Vegas and daily Samsung Galaxy Ace giveaways. The page also profiles the new ad which has been pulled from Youtube.

This is essentially just a simple promo page that brings together the commercial and a Facebook centric contest that should hopefully garner engagement with the youth that Airtel is hoping to target. As of now though, the site does not have many references to coherent 'friend types' yet maybe because the promo has just about kicked off and it is early days.

Check out the promo on the Airtel website:

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