Monday, August 15, 2011

Brand Promo Site: LEE Trial Room

The Lee India Trial Room has been live for a while. What I simply loved about the site was the idea. It’s a simple and fun rendition of the ‘trial room’ concept where users are given various choices of activities which they can choose to ‘Try’ or ‘Pass’. If they choose to try it, they are given deeper information on the subject with videos, external links to blogs etc in some cases.
You can choose to socialize your choices across the web.

Couple of gripes I have with the site is the navigation and what they wish to achieve with this.
I clicked on a promo ‘Trial link’ to get to the promo but it took me a while to figure out the landing page that talks about the theme. Also in terms of what the site wishes to achieve – some of the content that users find relevant (and different users will have different likes) can be sticky but what beyond that?
Maybe they could work out smaller communities of users around interest areas…

There are some interesting possibilities to take this concept forward. Check out the site:

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