Monday, August 22, 2011

Brand Website: Fastrack

I loved the new 'Why the world moved on' Fastrack ad when i saw it. Its cheeky and fun, just what the brand is about as well.

I out the brand site and it follows a similar brief. At first look, I loved how visually rich the site is. Really well executed.

It brings together the regular stuff: Videos of the commercials, product listing and Store Locator
The highlight is the navigation where you could keep moving on (pun intended) from one section to the other, pretty seamlessly using your mouse or arrow keys.

They do have a fun section called Sexipedia (the 'naughty encyclopedia' as they call it) where they have a few words that have been given a 'sexy/ irreverent' spin. You could choose to share it with friends (yes on Facebook, where else?) or add your own word and meaning if you like.

One gripe I have with the site is that on higher screen resolutions, there seems to be a black patch below the main image area.
How about a great Twitter integration as well for Sexipedia? It should fly! They do have a Twitter presence that is frequently updated with the latest deals, offers and store openings.
Check out

I also really like the Facebook page for Fastrack. It looks well and prolifically managed. Little wonder that they have nearly couple of million fans! Quite a feat!

Check out the site at
Check out their brand page at

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