Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brand Promo Site: The Axe Effect Playboy Mansion

'Cheeky!' Is what I thought when I saw the site! Though it invited only ‘boys’ to ‘play’, I admit I gave it a shot *ducks*!

The promo is a web rendition of the Axe and Vh1 Ticket to Ride to the Playboy Mansion contest. The gratification is (hold your breath!) an all-expenses paid trip to the Playboy Mansion for Halloween. The site design has funny allusions to all things Axe, Playboy and Halloween; complete with a bouncing bunny, cupid, a glowing carved pumpkin and of course, women.

The game itself is amusing (though really simple) – the idea being to get to the Playboy magazine centerspread in the quickest time possible! I couldn’t make it even in 5 attempts and my patience ran out. But I am not the target audience for this, so don’t take my word for it. I must mention here that the game can be addictive till you get it right! 

Check out the site at:

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