Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Brands and Social Media: Armani on Facebook

Fashion news, blogs and sites are a personal ‘favorite follow’, so I tend to track what they are doing on digital. The way some of the international brands are leveraging the power of social media is amazing, creative and in some cases pioneering.

recently launched the Armani/Jeans campaign featuring Rihanna, exclusively on their Facebook page! They announced the launch date and all fans got to see the ‘first look’. The page promises that there is more to come and going by the first look I wait with bated breath!

The World of Armani on Facebook (with more than 1.6million fans) is a class apart. I loved the season catalogues which render on full screen with a high quality view and page flipping UI. There are of course (the basics) links to promotions on the Armani website and photo galleries.

Check out the Facebook page at:

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