Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brand Promo Site: Suzlon Pure Air Lovers Society (P.A.L.S)

What a wonderful campaign Suzlon has put together! It’s not just the intent but also the execution that sets it apart. Pure Air Lovers Society (P.A.L.S.) is a community of environment lovers who want to make a difference and create a clean air revolution. As the ‘manifesto’ says: P.A.L.S. work for the planet, don’t pollute, recycle, hate waste and support green energy.

The cardboard cut-out imagery and the moving car animation, when you surf through sections, is fresh. Content and pledges are interspersed with useful trivia and tips around how you can make a difference.

There are discussion boards, event listings, green vendor lists, PUC reminders and a fun Gaadi Bandh game where you need to switch off scooter engines when they stop at a traffic light.  Users can also pledge on the site, to switch off their car/bike engine at traffic signals of more than 30 seconds. The home page also provides a snapshot of the Air Quality Index in 4 Indian cities.

This is a great campaign targeting the youth, anchored on digital, employing social media. The key will be to keep the engagement & excitement going with innovations and new initiatives and build on this for the long term. We will keep an eye on how this campaign morphs itself in the near future.

I liked the Yahoo! Mail Roadblock they executed last week.

The community at last count was 434k strong. Every P.A.L. acquired on the site means a tree planted by Suzlon. I’m in it. Hope you are too.

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