Monday, October 10, 2011

Brand Website: Levi’s India

The Brand website of Levi's India borrows a lot from the international site, which is a good thing! There is similarity in terms of layout, sections, campaigns and general look & feel. It is important for International Brands to keep this continuity from a branding point of view, retain key design and campaign threads, localize wherever necessary. The site does score on these counts.  

The key difference is that the international site is e-commerce enabled and therefore has deeper content with respect to collections and sales etc. I wish they work this out soon for the India site too.  Here’s why I say that!
And what's a retail brand site without a robust showcase.

Levi’s has an international ‘Go Forth’ campaign running which is about making a positive change. Every month they are shortlisting pioneering groups (showcased on the site) that are working and contributing to change lives of people around the world and raising awareness for key issues. Users can pledge, tweet or view videos to support causes.
Apart from the new collections for Men and Women, they have a Curve ID section where women can find their ideal jeans fit on the site and a Levi’s Loop section for members.  

Check out the India website:
Levi’s on Facebook:
Levi’s on Twitter:

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