Tuesday, October 25, 2011


HAPPY DIWALI to all Powering Brands readers! First a BIG Thank You for taking the time to read my posts week on week. I started this blog to share my opinions on digital work that I get to see (and also sometimes execute) as a part of my job. I figured there was no one place that I could go to, if I needed a quick lowdown on interesting digital work that’s happening in India. So PB also works as a repository for me, that I can refer back to J  

Powering Brands isn’t exhaustive at this stage, far from it actually, but hopefully I’ll find more time to write as I go along and also share my opinions (for whatever they’re worth
J ) on what’s current, in addition to the reviews. Feedback and inputs are the blog’s lifeline so keep them coming!

Have a great Diwali and May the Light Always Shine Through for all of us! 

Check out My Flickr Account for some archived Diwali shots and let me know what you think!

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