Monday, October 24, 2011

On Facebook: Axe Angel’s Club

After giving us a Ticket to Ride to the Playboy Mansion, the Axe Angel’s Club has been really prolific on Facebook with the new Axe Provoke ‘Fallen Angels’ Campaign. There are new pictures and videos shared everyday including some Fallen Angel videos and contextual, cheeky posts around Bollywood Actresses, Sports, Politics and things that are making news.  

The Axe Provoke page leads to some ridiculous and corny Fallen Angel videos on Youtube! Check out a sample.

There is an Axe Tattoo application where you enter your name and select your favorite angel and the name gets tattooed on her! *speechless*

BTW I really liked the Axe Provoke Rich Media execution on Youtube last week. Click here to check out a shot in case you missed it.

With a fan club nearing 2million, the Angels are definitely working for Axe!

Here is a link to the super successful Axe Angel’s Club Facebook Page:

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