Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Facebook: Colgate Max Fresh

The first thing I noticed on the Colgate Max Fresh India Facebook page was a bug K They said, like us to get invited, so I like the page, and it still shows me the same message.  A little QC would have helped.

The Facebook page essentially has a couple of contests running.
The first contest application gives you a chance to join in on the Maxfresh Party with Shahid and Genelia. If you are a social media junkie and know answers to some Colgate Maxfresh trivia - you qualify.

There is also a separate Party Gang application where you again answer some Colgate Max Fresh trivia, download and share a branded image on your wall tagging 6 friends who resemble the avatars.  
The page now has upwards of 131k fans. It will be interesting to see if Colgate continues this momentum on digital. I hope they do.

Check out the Facebook page:
Colgate Max Fresh on Twitter:
Youtube Channel:

Footnote: I got to know about the ‘Join The Party’ promo from banners on Sify & Indiatimes and not because my ‘super cool friends’ shared it on Facebook. And I always thought that Facebook promotions work because of the viral nature of medium. Display advertising, it seems, still does play a big part in spreading the word. Talk about paid media leading in to earned media... that discussion for another time.

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