Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Facebook: Reebok Reeflex

Reebok has come up with a Facebook Application for promoting ReeFlex, Running & Training shoes. The app brings quite a few elements together with showcases and games to up the engagement quotient.

Starting out, there is a carousel with the TVCs that render in ‘theatre mode’when clicked. There is information on the shoes and a link to start shopping that opens the shop4reebok site. What's interesting are the 3 games.

The first one I tried was FLEX YOUR NAME: Just type out your name and it renders itself in ‘FLEXABETS’ (realflex shoes as alphabets) and share with your friends! Nice Idea.

Continuing the ‘FLEXABETS’ thought is the FLEXABETS Game: Essentially a word game where you need to decipher the maximum words within a stipulated time, get points and move to the next level. The words become longer and time shorter as you move up levels. And yes, I am a sucker for word games, so I did go through all the levels
J It’s fun, though all it needs is typing speed!

Flex Runner Game: This is a
MAMAGAMA Skyline Runner game customized for Reebok. You need to maneuver the Flex Runner with keyboard keys and get him to jump over trenches and duck under barriers and complete the run in the best time possible to hit the next level.

The app is linked from the Reebok India Facebook page but I discovered it from a friend who shared it.

The Reebok India site replicates the international content something we saw with
Levi’s too (albeit with a few localizations).

Check out the Facebook app at:

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