Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rich Media This Week

Where: MSN India Home Page  
What: Rich Media OTP
When: 11.10.2011

Where:Youtube Home Page
What: Billboard Expanded
When: 11.10.2011
Client: Axe

Where:Yahoo! India Home Page
What: Takeover
When: 12.10.2011
Client: Azaan (The Movie)

Where: Sify Home Page  
What: Home Page pre-loader
When: 12.10.2011
Client: Gillette (P&G)

Where: NDTV Home Page
What: Home Page Pushdown
When: 12.10.2011
Client: Mahindra XUV

Where: Youtube Home Page  
What: Rich Media Pushdown
When: 15.10.2011
Client: Dell

The Youtube Axe rendition was high on impact but my favorite this week was the Yahoo! India Home Page takeover for the Azaan movie. The screenshot above doesn't  do justice to the ad, but it was a great execution that used the content areas of the Yahoo! Home Page interestingly while commucating the movie USPs.

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