Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brand Promo Site: Airtel Broadband Home

Airtel Broadband has a new flashy ‘home on the web which is a partnership with TimesOfIndia, Indiatimes, Big Flix, MakeMyTrip and Zapak. The brand promo site is fashioned as a living room with options to move around the house.
Travel & Shopping rooms? Really!!

A quick room-roundup.  
Movies Room has some Trailers and Full length movies playing out (courtesy Big Flix). There is no buffering from whatever I saw (I’ll confess I didn’t have the patience to sit through a full movie).

Gaming Room has Racing, Cricket and Action Games. Some short format games can be played on the site and few lead you to Zapak for download.  

Travel Room has Top 5 Destinations, Travel Spotlight & Destination of the Month and Travel Trivia, all content snippets sourced from MakeMyTrip.

News Room has Top Stories, Business, Sports, Entertainment News feeds from TimesOfIndia.

You could browse through a shortlist of Books, Movies, Mobiles & Accessories, Movies & Games etc in the Shopping Room. There are snippets provided on the site and to buy you can head to the Indiatimes Shopping site.  

Essentially, Airtel has tried to bring together everything that a good broadband connection will allow you to do on the web and everything that they think their target audience would be looking for.
What I am not sure of, is why I will go to the Airtel Broadband promo site for this information when I know (and have access to) the individual sites anyways.
Secondly, Airtel Broadband already has a dedicated section within the 
Airtel website so I am not sure if they have any plans to retain this effort for the long term.
It looks like a good scalable idea and hopefully there is a mid to long term strategy on building is out and beefing it up.

Did I mention that I am on Airtel Broadband? And I don’t have any complaints!

Check out the promo site on:
P.S. The audio on the site comes up without a warning!

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