Monday, November 7, 2011

Brand Promo Site: Papa Ka Business (Teaser)

Who would have thought that a truck campaign will pique my interest! Not me for sure. I first saw the Papa Ka Business site and found it intriguing enough to go back and check other details around it.
Here’s what I found. It’s the teaser for the new Mahindra Navistar campaign.

The Mahindra campaigns on the web have been very well thought out. See some of the earlier ones for Mahindra Rise and Mahindra XUV500, and this one is no different.

The first element is the ‘Ok is no longer Ok’ Facebook page which is running a Papa Ka Business Video storytelling contest. There is a short 10 second edit of the TVC and the users are supposed to answer 5 questions about what they think happens next. There is a new question every couple of days to keep the interest going. The page has upwards of 1lakh fans.

The second part is around users submitting videos with their experiences of working in ‘Papa ka Business’. The page has no Navistar branding at all, except for small footer links which you may miss completely. The page already has some videos. Simple and effective.

The gratifications for both the contests are iPod Nanos.

The social media integrations for the brand are complete with a Mahindra Navistar Blog (the content is good!), Flickr page  and a Youtube Page.

The campaign and the execution is refreshing.  Anyone knows when the final TVC launches?

Till then Check out the Teaser site at: Follow them on Twitter:

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