Monday, November 14, 2011

Brand Website: Britannia NutriChoice IHealthU

Today is World Diabetes Day and I saw a CPG print ad with a weblink (pleasant surprise!). There is no way I could have missed checking this out. The site is created for Britannia Nutri Choice. BTW I haven't see a web campaign for this one today.

The idea is great but I have some issues with the execution (read: web design, basic formatting, user experience and writing) on the site. But can we complain when the brand just started from a position of zero presence on the web. And frankly how many CPG brands do we see on the web except for hastily put together, last minute Facebook brand pages.

The site talks about starting a relationship with good health and gives you 6 steps that would help you make that start. You need to pick a Health Goal and Signup on the site or Login via Facebook Connect. You can customize your Meal Plan and the app will send you recipes and reminders (via email or SMS). It also gives you a profile page which has your Daily Health Diary with an option to invite buddies and some reading material.

The site also offers users 50% off on Thyrocare’s Complete Health Check-up.

Off late there have been a few Health centric Promos on the web – see Saffola Life and Max Bupa Your Health First. Sign of the times! is rough-edged no doubt, but it is a start. Here’s hoping we will see more and better from Britannia in the days to come.

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  1. Thanks for featuring "Game for Health" campaign on your website.
    The effort has received great response from our fans on facebook and people are sharing their experience on the daily health diary.
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    Pawankumar Sharma,
    Campaign Manager,
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