Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brand Website: Saffola Life gives out a happy vibe. At the ‘heart’ of this promo is a ‘Heart Age Finder’ which is a quick set of simple and predictable questions on your family history of heart disease, your medical history, BMI and other Health, Lifestyle questions. After you’ve answered the questions the application throws up your Heart’s age and emails a detailed Heart Age analysis with suggestions and a personalized diet plan. Neat!

In case you don’t know your cholesterol levels, there is a Free Cholesterol Test mobile coupon from Metropolis Diagnostics which you can get from the site.
Apart from this you can also choose a Gift for your Heart via Facebook Connect and share it on your Wall. Though simple, it is effective.

Apart from the above promo, the SaffolaLife website has a range of information from Healthy Living assessments and tips to Expert Resources and details on Saffola’s products.

I liked the Healthy Recipes section where you can select the Meal Type (snacks, main course etc) and Recipe Type (suitable for diabetics/ healthy heart etc) and the application gives you recipes to match.  

The Health Videos section has some dry and booky details about cholesterol. This could be one of the areas that could be worked on, as they go along and build more content for the site.

Overall the promo and the website are well thought through.  

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