Sunday, November 20, 2011

Branded Program: Intel’s Curious Connection on Discovery

The new Intel campaign thought is that Innovation stems from Curiosity. Considering amazing innovation is at the core of what they do, The Curious Connection holds ground and is what the new campaign is called.

I have always liked Intel campaigns. They have a great idea at the core, layered with some great execution. 

I was led to Discovery's Branded Program for Intel from Intel’s Curious Connection integrations on Facebook.

Discovery has partnered with Intel for the Curiosity Show on their Channel. The show hopes to delve into some unanswered, enduring questions and come up with answers & learning. Check out more on the show here.

The branded program builds on this association and brings together exclusive content and interactivity. I love how the page renders itself as a side scrolling mosaic, highlighting fresh content & conversations.

Content is king here with articles around Intel innovations from the world of Computers to Nanotechnology & Space exploration (you name it), myth-busters, Curiosity Challenge quizzes, videos & exclusive previews of Curiosity Show. You can submit your curious questions on the site and hope to be answered as well.

If you wish to see a truly well executed publisher branded program, check out

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