Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rich Media This Week

Here’s a round-up of the rich media that caught my eye this week.

Where: Indiatimes Home Page
What: Interstitial
When: 22.11.2011
Client: HCL

Where: Yahoo! India Mail Login Page
What: Takeover with Video
When: 23.11.2011
Client: Lufthansa 

Where: NDTV Home Page
What: OTP
When: 23.11.2011
Client: ADP

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: OTP with Skinner
When: 24.11.2011
Client: Samsung

Where: Moneycontrol Home Page
What: 'Market Radar' Pushdown
When: 26.11.2011
Client: Emirates 

Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Masthead with Video
When: 26.11.2011
Client: Vodafone

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