Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 India Online Trend Spotting

2011 was a year of BIG numbers for Internet in India. We crossed the 100million users mark, investments to the tune of $350million were made in start-ups, $3billion worth of transactions were carried out on e-commerce sites.

If industry reports and trends are to be believed, things will only get BIGGER and BETTER with Internet in India poised for threefold growth in the next 3 years. Read More
With the year now coming to a close, here is my list of Top Trends of 2011.

1. The Rise and Rise of Video and Youtube:

Users can’t get enough of online videos and Advertisers have discovered one more thing to do with their television commercials. Video is the new Indian internet darling. Need stats? Check out this Comscore PR from back in March. Youtube maxed it with display units that every advertiser was seen lapping up, special integrations (big on PR) like Ra.One and just pure play content ref. the Kolaveri rage.

2. Yes, I have an internet ‘campaign’. I have a Facebook Brand Page:
Going social and executing an internet campaign for most advertisers now is equivalent to owning a Facebook Brand page. What’s surprising is that sometimes that’s the only asset they own on the web, not realising that social media is tricky territory if not executed well and a third-party owned, time bound asset, at best.

3. E Commerce: See us FLIP(KART)!
The whole country and its brother has either started or is managing an e-commerce portal. That’s the magic of great execution. Take a bow, Flipkart!

How long before we see businesses break-even and the sector consolidate?

Here’s to another great year for all things digital in India!

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