Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brand Solution: LG Optimus My Cam on MTV

MTV India has been hosting a video blogging series on their website, for LG Optimus called My Cam. This campaign has been on for more than 3 months now. What’s interesting is that the video blogs have snippets of lives of regular people who wish to be featured on this platform.
It all started with a few videos of actress Kalki Koechlin talking about her life, post which one user is selected every month from the entries received.

There is also a Video Blogger Contest where users can create short VBlogs of their lives and share the Youtube links. Selected few videos are then put up for voting & commenting via Facebook’s Social Plugin and participants with the most 'likes' are crowned the Best Video Blogger and stand a chance to win a LG Optimus Phone.

Brand Solutions is all about leveraging existing strengths and this is displayed yet again with this execution. Getting a celebrity to kick off the campaign - MTV style and reaching out to youth.

The interface also intelligently uses existing functionalities of Youtube (video uploads) and Facebook (Social Sharing) to create a richer experience on the branded destination.

Easily something that Youtube could execute, considering their platform lends itself to a promo of this nature.

Check out My Cam at:  

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