Sunday, December 25, 2011

Brand Website: Nike Cricket

Gone are the days when Pepsi owned blue, at least as far as cricket is concerned. Nike seems to have taken over the colour with their successful Bleed Blue campaign – perfect ode to the Indian Cricket Fan.

Nike has now come out with a new and raw ‘Street View’ film to promote Nike Cup 2012 which is their annual tennis ball cricket tournament. Check out more details on Campaign India. From what I understand, this is the first of a string of films to come out.

The Nike Cricket site is a storehouse of exclusive web video content – starting from fan videos, Bleed Blue films created exclusively for the web to well-edited behind-the-scenes videos.

The site also has Galleries with the Nike collection and an option for users to buy Nike cricket merchandise from

The campaign static visuals are reminiscent of the Pepsi Blue Billion campaign which could be the JWT connection.

The website has a separate section for The Nike Cup with details around it.

The Nike 3 Star Poster on the Facebook Page is a personalised 'pride poster' for the quintessential cricket fan symbolising the 3 big Indian Cricket wins. You can upload a picture which (dramatically enough) is used in b/w, you can adjust the image, add your name, choose a slogan and then choose to share it on Facebook or download it. I guess I was one of the last ones to try this app, but what the heck! It's awesome and here’s what I created!

I am already waiting for the rest of the films.

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