Monday, December 12, 2011

Campaign Update: Gillette India, Brand Promo Site

As an extension to the ‘Gillette Salutes the Soldier in You’ campaign, Gillette has come up with ‘My Soldier Parade Contest’.

The idea is to create a ‘Parade For a Cause’, to create a positive change in the world around us. 10 winners will be announced every week who will win ‘saving’ kits. I kid you not, that’s exactly what the creative on the Facebook page says. That’s either a spell check that someone forgot to run on the creative or they have figured out a kit to save the world.

On the promo site, once they’ve logged in via Facebook or Twitter, users can Create new Parades for causes that they believe in or choose to View or Join existing causes. The rendition is in the form of a soldier parade.

The idea is fine but I am not sure what the brand is hoping to achieve with all the content & support around causes they generate. Hopefully there will be a meaningful culmination and not just 50 people winning Gillette kits.  
Check out the promo at:

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