Sunday, December 11, 2011

Campaign Update: Pantene Hair Spa, On Facebook

After my brief hiatus, time to look at some quick updates on brand web promos I’ve covered on this blog in the past.

First up is ‘All New Pantene’ with a new ‘Hair Spa’ promo after ‘Break The Cycle

This time it’s not an application but initiating user conversation via voting, comments on Facebook and a Twitter Hashtag #SpaAtHome. There is traction on Facebook but #SpaAtHome hardly has any takers on Twitter. Probably it needs a concerted push via active updates from the brand on Twitter to initiate the conversation and socialize the Hashtag. Unfortunately the Twitter handle for @allnewpantene still doesn’t work. I wish someone would listen!

The page also has an interactive tiles interface that introduces the ‘Spa like hair at home’ concept. Users can also submit some information to get a Golden Ticket to the Pantene Hair Spa – there are about 100 tickets available for 3 cities.
I have an issue with the usability of Facebook applications which do not have any links back to the brand page where the user started the interaction.

Check out the new promo on Pantene’s Brand Page which now has nearly 180k followers.

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