Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Influence Purchasing Decisions On The Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

I saw this amazing infographic on Mashable a few days back that had great insights on the Science of Sharing & Consumer Behaviour on Social media and how it potentially Influences Consumer Purchase Decisions.

Though these facts are not India specific, they are surely indicative of where we are headed. It clearly showcases why digital presence is an imperative for consumer brands. Hopefully advertisers in India who still seem to be 'testing the medium', realise this and go the distance in building digital assets. Specially brands in the FMCG, Consumer Electronics & Appliances categories.
The image here shows a part of the Infographic that I thought really calls-out critical consumer behaviour.

I highly recommend you go back to the following link to see the whole Infographic: 
How to Influence Purchasing Decisions On The Web

(Infographic Courtesy M Booth and Beyond)

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