Friday, December 30, 2011

On Facebook and Brand Website: Parachute Advanced

Marico started building digital assets for its Parachute Advanced range of products since the beginning of this year. I like the Parachute Advanced Facebook Page and Website (yes, both.). Here are some key highlights:

The Facebook Page has upwards of 100k fans and profiles most of the products. There are seasonal contests and interactive wall posts.

There is a Khoobsurat Monsoon Memories (photo upload) contest, which I guess has closed. Click on it and it leads you to an error page.

The Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie tab clicks to the promo page which has a product and feature carousel for all you want to and need to know. It also has an ‘Ask the Expert’ section where users can post queries. The content around hairfall and haircare is quite deep and potentially useful, but I am not sure how many users will discover this content. It might help to associate with existing women’s content publishers and create brand integrations via advertorials – stuff that Parachute would typically do on print.

Next up is the Parachute Advanced Body Lotion tab that showcases the Love Dobara TVC and some campaign and product related details. There is a separate Facebook Page for the product too. Phew!

There is a TVC Watch & Win Contest and a separate section for Parachute Advanced Hot Oil that leads to the website.

The carousel layout is similar but this site is way deeper. Apart from the brand call-outs & TVCs they have a couple of interesting promos.
Celebrate Your Growth Moments is a photo album of growing up experiences. Users can browse through existing user & celebrity galleries or check out a demo to see how to go about uploading images. Users can also share their growing up stories.

I also liked Virtually Long. It’s a fun app that lets users see how they will look with longer hair.
The website creative and design elements can't be faulted.

Now that the assets are in place, the next logical step is consolidation. Too many promo sites and Facebook pages end up confusing the consumer and take a toll on the production budgets too.

Parachute Advanced Website:
Parachute Advance On Facebook:

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