Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Facebook: Vaseline India

The first thing that struck me about Vaseline’s Official Facebook Page is that the ‘Info’ section is surprisingly well-written!

The new Vaseline Body Lotion campaign talks about 24 hour skin care made possible by a new breakthrough technology called Stratys 3. The television commercials talk about skin care for care-givers.

The Facebook page has the TVCs and a video on how Stratys 3 works. It also has the new product range with details. For user interactivity there is a ‘
Share your Vaseline Care Story’ promo where fans can share experiences around ‘moments of caring’ – not sure what that means.
Users can read existing stories on the page as well.  The existing submissions that I went through don’t talk about any ‘moments of caring’. Entries are mostly around how Vaseline helps them take care of their skin.

‘Submit your story’ promos are de rigueur nowadays, every brand is either doing it or has done it. But it is important to explain what content you are looking for, to get quality submissions from users. Unless the objective is to just go back with a number and not real stories.

Check out the Vaseline Facebook Page here:

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