Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rich Media This Week

Merry Christmas to all the readers of Powering Brands! Wishing you all love and cheer and all things good.

I haven’t been able to do the Rich Media This Week post for the past couple of weeks but I’ve got quite a few interesting renditions across publishers this week to profile. I loved the Hero Impulse execution on Youtube (check the promo details here) and at the risk of sounding pompous, the Nokia Lumia Home Page Takeover on MSN India. Let me know your favorites.

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: Full Screen Takeover
When: 18.12.2011
Brand: Life OK


What: PushDown

When: 18.12.2011
Brand: Skoda Rapid

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: Takeover
When: 19.12.2011
Brand: Nokia Lumia


Where: Youtube India Home Page
What: Interactive Masthead
When: 19.12.2011
Brand: Vodafone

Where: Indiatimes Home Page
What: OTP
When: 19.12.2011
Brand: Mahindra Bolero


Where: Youtube Home Page
What: Expandable Masthead
When: 20.12.2011
Brand: Hero Impulse

Where: Yahoo! India Home Page
What: Takeover
When: 21.12.2011
Brand: Skoda Rapid

Where: Sify Home Page
What: Takeover with Pushdown
When: 23.12.2011
Brand: Greenply

Where: TimesOfIndia Home Page
What: Takeover with Masthead
When: 24.12.2011
Brand: Domino’s

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