Monday, January 23, 2012

Brand Solution: Airtel ‘Har Friend Zaroori’ on Youtube

After the contest and promo page that they created for the now popular ‘Har Friend Zaroori’ Campaign, Airtel has created a Branded ‘Hangout’ on Youtube.

The execution is very interesting and ties-in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube assets to provide a great user experience.

The creative rendition is a chalkboard which provides details on the interface and the contest. The idea is to keep unlocking videos by clicking on friend types and answering some amusing questions that appear at the end of the video – leveraging interactive video features. The videos are all professionally created, mostly less than a minute long and some of them are really funny and have potential for user engagement and going viral. 

Users can share and tag their friends on the videos (via Facebook Connect) to garner social points and be crowned ‘Socially Coolest’.

Users can also upload a whacky video with a friend on the channel, tag it with ‘Airtel HFZ Hangout’, to stand a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 800 or a Trip to Ibiza! 

The hangout is being promoted via
rich media video banners on Youtube.

The Airtel India Facebook Page (with upwards of 850k fans) is promoting the Youtube Hangout and so is the Promo Page on their website which also links to all their social assets.

Check out the Airtel HFZ Youtube Hangout here:

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