Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Facebook: Nescafe ‘Know Your Neighbours’

Nescafe’s Facebook Brand Page with around 1.2million fans, is called ‘Know Your Neighbours’, in line with the campaign thematic they’ve been building on for more than a year now.

This seems to be the only online asset that they have in India. I checked the site and it does not even mention India! I also haven’t seen any brand campaign anywhere else online, though the print and TV ads promote the Facebook page. Surprising, as they have built a campaign that is supposed to reach out to the youth!

Coming back to the Facebook promo. The main focus is the ‘Ask Deepika Contest’, so ‘switch on the best in you’ and think of any random question for Deepika and there are some standard ‘I-pad, Blackberry, Samsung phone’ gratifications for the best questions.

Apart from the contest there are  PicBadges that users can download (do they work?), videos and frequent wall posts promoting the contest.

The campaign lends itself to interesting executions but this basic contest and Facebook page is all we have as of now.

Check out Nescafe's Facebook brand page here:

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