Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Facebook: Nicorette India

Moving on to the next J&J brand today.

This one’s topical, considering the number of people who have New Year resolutions to quit smoking every year. Nicorette (for the uninitiated), is a Nicotine Replacement Therapy product (the India launch is a Polacrilex gum) that helps control tobacco dependence.

A Facebook Brand page for a product of this nature is a perfect fit. Check the Wall to see what I mean. There are real consumer questions & concerns and therefore, productive interactivity.

12 Week Quit Plan is an application that asks the users for details on their smoking habits, smoking triggers, when they want to quit smoking and throws up a complete Quit Plan calendar with details on physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, how to avoid smoking urges etc. I thought it was pretty exhaustive with an option to even print the plan. I had an issue with the scroll within the application page though. It’s easy to miss and therefore there is a chance of users not viewing the content in its entirety.

The Nicorette Support application helps Fans motivate loved ones (including themselves) to quit smoking, by showing support via branded messages. Users can choose who they want to share a personalised message with, from their list of Facebook Friends.

The Testimonial plug also is a great fit, as quitters with real stories can inspire and help others quit (sometimes!). Apart from these, there are the usual product information plugs, how-tos etc.

Nicorette also has a deep, information laden website :
Check out the Facebook Brand Page:

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