Saturday, February 4, 2012

Active Raho! CenterFresh ActiSport’s Online Campaign Blitz

Perfetti’s media executions are always entertaining, never boring. They have stayed true to the same irreverence when it comes to their online assets as well. The Happydent Wave site has been one of my favourite website executions in the recent past

This time, for CenterFresh Actisport, Perfetti predominantly used media innovations to drive home the central campaign thought.

We saw amazing chroma video renditions across key publishers all of last week. Disruptive rich media ads were created that pulled through the television commercial’s ‘Mallakhamb’ act, using publisher home page tabs and quads innovatively.

All online media led to the television commercial on Centerfresh’s Youtube Channel. The Channel itself is very basic with just the video and a branded skin. The TV commercial though signs off with the Perfetti website link.
I'd think the two teams didn't talk to each other :)

I haven’t seen any other execution online and guess that the objective was to drive awareness and get more people to check out the commercial.

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