Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lay's Baked debuts On Facebook

PepsiCo launched Lay’s Baked crisps targeting young, health-conscious women, late last month. The health snack category has been burgeoning with new launches since the last few years, with PepsiCo’s Aliva and more recently Britannia Nutrichoice, being significant among others.  With growing consumer awareness for healthier snacking options, there is only one way to go for this category, up.

Its early days, and they’ve started with a (no prizes for guessing!) Facebook Fan Page which promises to build on the brand communication of ‘100% fun’ and has the TV commercial on it for now.
Check it out at:

Remains to be seen what we see of Lays Baked on digital. I just hope it doesn’t begin and end with the Fan page.

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