Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Facebook: Dabur Vatika

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Facebook Brand Page for Dabur Vatika, considering Dabur is the CPG behemoth that every digital publisher and agency worth its might has tried to break into, with very little success since many years.

It was just a matter of time though, what with every one of their competitors making their presence felt on digital. Also, if they are looking to reach out to the younger TG with new brand ambassadors, they need to be on the medium that addresses that audience. I just hope the digital foray doesn’t just begin and end with the Facebook page and that they explore and innovate as they go along.

Most of the Facebook Brand Page experience (with around 75k fans) is fashioned as an informational and provides details around the Vatika Hair Care product range that includes Hair Oil and Shampoo variants.

There isn’t much two-way interaction on the Brand Wall yet. Though users keep leaving their comments, there aren’t any responses from the brand apart from promotional Wall Posts.

The Nourishment Meter kept throwing up errors for me across browsers.

There is a Vatika Shampoo Contest application where you select a Shampoo variant and get a related tip and need to leave your co-ordinates for a random weekly winner selection. There is an execution issue with the contest flow and how the text renders on the application. And of course my usual gripe of not being able to go back to the brand page from the application.

But of course, it is a beginning.

Check out the Dabur Vatika Facebook Page at:

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