Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brand Promo Site: Kellogg’s Special K ‘Second Look’ Campaign

I have been following Kellogg’s Special K’s digital promo since the teaser broke out early February. The campaign is targeted at women, the premise being that a low-fat Special K Breakfast helps you stay healthy and gets you a second look from the husband.

At the Teaser stage, the simple static promo page was running a contest asking users for stories around what they would do to get their husband’s attention. First 100 entries were to be gratified.

Post launch, the promo page (still static) runs a non-user initiated television commercial and announces the winners of the teaser promo.

Vanilla, especially when you look at the digital executions and publisher integrations Kellogg’s executes internationally.

 The Special K website exists separately from this promo page and provides content around the product, articles and Nutrition Tips. Users can also sign up for the Special K Challenge, get a personalised diet plan (after registering on the site) and see how they are tracking on the 2 week weight loss challenge.

Overall, the online execution is uninspired and an opportunity lost. We’ll hope the next campaign gets a second look from the users.
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