Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brand Solution: Maruti Alto’s World Search Championship On Yahoo! India

I haven’t seen the earlier version but World Search Championship as an idea fits with Maruti Alto’s new campaign communication. The tagline (if you didn’t already know) is ‘Aapka Naya Search Engine’ which in itself doesn’t make much sense to me but we will not talk about that :)

Coming back to the World Search Championship, the idea is to get users to answer 10 quiz questions in the least possible time using the Yahoo! Search integration which auto-populates the search query. Gratifications are the usual suspects – PSPs and iPods.

Unfortunately, though the idea is great, the execution is very very basic and plagued with issues.

The geometric angular design is unfathomable, the dated html pages work on horizontal and vertical scrolls(!) where no scroll was necessary (only if the creative was optimised), users are asked to register and the fields are misaligned and there are no validation checks.
Check out the promo worldsearchchampionship.com/ and let me know if you don’t agree.

This just seems like a good idea lost in subpar execution.

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  1. These competition are good for promotion of our targeted model.It makes aware people that our car is in market and people tries to get more knowledge about it.


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