Sunday, March 11, 2012

Campaign Watch: Knorr Cup-a-Soup ‘Sabse Bada Soup-a-Star’

Knorr has created a quirky, engaging and enjoyable online promo for its new Cup-a-Soup product which has crunchy croutons and real veggies. The promo page itself is quite simple, it’s the idea and word play that works and aligns wonderfully with the product proposition.

Essentially, a fun take on sticky situations in life, they are running a contest for the ‘Sabse bada Soup-a-Star’. Users must login using Facebook connect (they have an option to sign up on the page as well) upload their Soup Stories via images, copy or videos. They can view other entries and vote for their favourites.

Winners of the contest stand a chance to win I-pods or get featured on CNBCTV18.

There are some great ‘Soup mein kaun hai?’ exclusive web stories created by Knorr, for inspiration. The episodes have been uploaded on Knorr’s Youtube Brand Page

In addition to the soup-a-star promo, the Facebook Brand Page has a ‘Land your friend in a Soup’ application. You can select a friend and use their picture to embed in a ‘Soup mein kaun hai?’ video for a good laugh and share it along. I tried with mine and the outcome was hilarious!

The contest and application are really well explained via relevant copy and a ‘how it works’ video respectively.

I do have a couple of small gripes, though. Non-user initiated audio on the promo page means that the videos play out without a warning and the swooshing sound effects and funny background track of the videos can be embarrassing, if you are around people.
The promo page also doesn’t have link backs to the great brand pages on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube so there is no way for the user to know where to find additional content.

Nonetheless a refreshing and soupa-cuppa!
Check it out at:

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