Thursday, March 15, 2012

Campaign Watch: New Extra Strong Axe

The New Extra Strong Axe microsite is very visual and creatively well executed.

It is, in effect, a simple site that brings together brand content led by cheeky Axe videos and some wallpapers. But what stands out is the layout and user experience.

Once you enter the site, you need to identify your gender. If you choose the women’s page (which few like me will and of course men with high curious quotient 
J), a Breaking News video plays out that cautions you against the chaos unleashed by Extra Strong Axe and a pert communication tells you that it’s best to exit!
The Men’s page also plays out the same Breaking News video followed by the Axe TVC (the commercial being nothing that we haven’t seen before).

The site provides key social sharing options and leads you to other brand assets on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. All brand videos are loaded on the
Youtube page.

On Twitter @axeangelsclub started a viral #stronglyattractedto hash tag yesterday in line with the new campaign communication, which seems to have been quite a success looking at the responses received.

In my opinion, Axe India’s Official Facebook Page with more than 2million fans is one of the better maintained brand pages in India and going by the buzz it generates, there are many fans who think that as well. The content they push on the page is fresh, interesting and most importantly in line with the brand credo.
Between cool status updates and a sassy cover photo which says ‘Axe and you shall receive’, the brand sure lives up to the expectations of its fans.

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  1. I agree! Axe is one of the few brands that's keeping it fresh among the clutter of tried and tested formulas of most other brands.


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