Friday, March 2, 2012

Campaign Watch: Hero MotoCorp’s ‘Hum Mein Hai Hero’ Billion Voices

We all know how popular AR Rahman’s ‘Hum mein hai Hero’ Anthem for Hero Moto Corp’s rebranding has been, since its launch in August 2011. What’s more interesting is how Hero is leveraging the already famous song to activate user generated content.

This one is called the Billion Voices Campaign and has been on for a while now. The website is eye-catching, sticks to the new brand elements and the communication is loud and clear. Users need to upload videos of them singing the anthem and selected videos would make their way to the new Hero Moto Television Commercial. The site also has downloadable pdfs of the Heroes Song lyrics in various regional languages.

The promo has been activated via an application on Hero's Facebook Brand Page as well, so users can start uploading their videos directly from Facebook, download lyrics and invite friends.

New user videos are shared frequently with fans and followers on Hero Moto Corp’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

I have always been a sceptic as far as video upload promos are concerned, as the quality of content that you receive is not great unless they are professionally created like in the Vedanta campaign. But most of the videos I saw on the View page changed that notion. The user videos are quite good and stick to the theme.

The Facebook page also has a new 'My Heroes' Timeline Application through which users can choose 5 friends that they think are Heroes and they get a timeline image that they can use on their pages. It was a bit tedious to select 5 friends from the huge scrolled list on the application. Overall a great idea and super execution. Already a successful campaign.

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