Friday, March 23, 2012

The Saif-Connection On Facebook: Asian Paints Royale Play and Lay’s

We all know how brands and celeb endorsers feed-off each other when a high profile movie releases. No wonder then that Asian Paints Royale Play and Lay’s have been on an overdrive on digital this past week creating syncs, wherever possible with Agent Vinod, considering Saif Ali Khan endorses both the products.

Both executed rich media and directed traffic to their underwhelming Facebook brand pages.

Royale Play’s Facebook Brand Page calls out to its fans to post comments and become their top fan which is essentially a Booshaka app integration.

Booshaka apps asses fan engagement and activity and give brands an opportunity to identify and gratify their biggest advocates on Facebook.

Lay’s India is promoting their new ‘magical moments’ communication and the Facebook page features videos via wall-posts from their mall activations.

These Facebook brand pages represent what most brands are doing on digital - check-in-the-box social media integrations with the least possible marketing spend and without a coherent strategy.

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