Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brand Website and On Facebook: Cadbury Oreo India

First up, I have to say I love the Oreo TV commercial. It retains a rare innocence that’s hard to come by nowadays.

The Oreo website plays out the TVC video in full screen which is quite impactful and of course it does help to have an adorable ad. But yes, the audio is non-user initiated.

I liked the Oreo Games, they are simple and play around with the product proposition (twist, lick, dunk) in various ways. The ‘Cookie Catcher’ game is so simple, it’s addictive!

The site also has wallpapers and downloadable maze games to keep users interested.

Oreo also takes the plank of creating 'Moments of Togetherness' in families and the site has a Togetherness Quotient Quiz and a Pledge that users can take to spend more time with their families and share along. There seems to be some issue with these pages loading on some browsers.

The Oreo Facebook Brand Page is very interesting. In addition to promoting the website assets, the posts are high quality and engaging with some great content and imagery that ranges from old ads, did-you-knows, poems shared by fans, interesting product shots (yes that’s possible!).

A sure hit from Cadbury!

Check out the Website at:
And the Facebook Brand Page at:

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