Monday, April 16, 2012

Campaign Watch: Hyundai i20 ‘Live the Uber Life’

After the rather basic digital execution for the Eon launch, Hyundai looks to somewhat redeem itself with the new iGen i20 integrations, extending the campaign communication ‘Live the Uber Life’. 

The Facebook Brand Page reaches out to more than 320k fans with regular updates on features and on-ground promotions.
The new ‘I Live The Uber Life’ contest asks users to share their life via images or videos which render on the silhouette of the i20. The execution is nice with the exception of a couple of mini gripes.
The copy seems ridden with basic language errors especially on the application intro page. 

Also the application asks the user for their mobile number on the Upload screen, not sure how many users would be comfortable with that, though I get the objective.
Gratifications include a Trip to Sri Lanka for the T20 World Cup and (yes again), Samsung Galaxy Notes and iPod Shuffles.

Hyundai is now also on every conceivable social media platform, in addition to Facebook.

The Youtube Channel mainly showcases all their TV commercials.

The Pinterest Channel (a perfect fit for auto brands) showcases feature led i20 images.

The Google+ Brand Page is more or less a replica of the Facebook brand page. 

What’s interesting (and intriguing) is that the lead image on the Hyundai website drives users to the Facebook page and not to the i20 section on the website. Actually there is no visible link to the i20 site pages at all, I had to browse around for it.

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