Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook App Roundup: Canon and VDOT

Canon ‘What Makes us Click’ Contest

This contest idea is essentially to get users to watch the commercial on repeat mode and pay attention to it as well. Users need to guess what alphabet the images represent in the TV commercial in the shortest possible time and winners stand a chance to win a Powershot everyday.

The execution is fine though creatively it doesn't really max the potential of the idea. The Canon Facebook Brand Wall is replete with Contest posts and not much else which can be a bore if you are a fan.

VDOT Hotstepper 2.0 Contest

This one makes you work really hard for a ‘chance to party with John Abraham’ and get some VDOT vouchers. So you buy apparel from VDOT’s SS12 range, you come back click a picture wearing it, login to the application, part with all your personally identifiable information and then there is a chance you may get lucky!

The app execution is good, the entire contest flow and details are embedded within the same page on Facebook so user experience is seamless. There are issues with copy though.

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