Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Facebook: Kwality Wall’s Fruttare and the Importance of Good Copy

Kwality Wall’s tells us that Fruttare stands for ‘Fruit hai re’. Really?! 

Fruttare is the new ice candy from the brand which is 100% fruit juice and pulp and a healthier (read low on calories) alternative to the other available options. They have three flavours Mango, Litchi and Grape.

The Facebook Brand Page executed a teaser campaign which fronted some uninspired teaser videos and asked users to submit what they thought Fruttare actually was.

Post the reveal and launch, the brand page is running the ‘Me and my Fruttare’ Contest where fans can upload their pictures with Fruttare and stand a chance to win a Blackberry Curve.

Nothing that we haven’t seen before. The Wall Posts are strictly average and have no great informational or entertainment value.

As usual, the Facebook Page appears to be the only online asset that HUL is maintaining for Fruttare.

On a separate note, now that Brand Pages on Facebook have become such a standard execution and sometimes the only brand asset online, advertisers should look at experienced professionals to work on the copy. After all, these pages talk directly to potential consumers and existing fans and need as much attention as the copy on print or TV ads. Some of the grammatical errors on brand pages are embarrassing.

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