Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rich Media This Week

Shots of some rich media renditions from this past week. I liked the Hyundai Sonata hot-spotting Sidekick on

Where: Sify Home Page
What: Pushdown + Skinner Takeover
When: 27.03.2012
Advertiser: Coca Cola

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: Video Innovation Takeover
When: 27.03.2012
Advertiser: Lay’s

Where: Indiatimes Home Page
What: Sidekick Takeover
When: 28.03.2012
Advertiser: Maruti Suzuki Swift


Where: NDTV Home Page
What: Sidekick with Hot-spotting
When: 28.03.2012
Advertiser: Hyundai Sonata

Where: Yahoo! Mail Landing Page
What: Video Takeover
When: 29.03.2012

Where: Home Page
What: OTP + Skinner Takeover
When: 29.03.2012
Advertiser: TATA Steel

Where: MSN India Home Page
What: Filmstrip
When: 30.03.2012

Where: Youtube India Home Page
What: Expandable Masthead
When: 01.04.2012
Advertiser: Fox Star India

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