Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three things we can learn from MSN UK’s Starbucks Rich Media

Expando with Skinners have become de rigeur nowadays with every advertiser wanting to execute one across sites. The Starbucks execution on MSN UK gives us a fresh take on it. If the only brand asset available is a video and you are looking for a simple and stand-out execution, it can’t get better than this.

Three things we can learn from this execution:

1. Let the skinner load when the user clicks to expand the unit. 
The impact is amazing as the entire area gets taken over by the brand on user initiation.

2. Let the skinner be a part of the execution with a high quality image and not just a logo laden monstrosity with too much copy that distracts.
Helps the user concentrate on the video. 

3. Use the entire OTP (expanded) area to showcase a high quality brand video. This is your key communication so let it stand out.

Simple and Effective.

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